Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cotton Quilt Bedspread Cartoon

Price: RM100 Size: 180cm x 220cm
Postage: RM20
Provided with: 2 pcs quilt pillow case & 1 pc quilt bedspread

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

100% Cotton Traditional Quilt Bedspread cantik2 belaka..

100% Cotton Traditional Quilting Bedspread
Size : Queen (230cm x 250cm)
Provided with 1 sheet bedspread & 2 pillow cases
To placed order or any enquiry do not hesitate to
SMS 012-3279194

Code:007 (RM210)

Code:539 (RM189)

Code:1403 (RM210)

Code:9002 (RM189)

Code:9010 (RM189)

Code:9019 (RM189)

Code:9039 (RM210)

Code:9053 (RM210)

Code:9063 (RM210)

Code:9066 (RM210)

Code:9068 (RM189)

Code:90-5 (RM210)

Code:HD-1055 (RM189)

Code:HK-1115 (RM189)

Code:HK-1150 (RM189)

Code:HK-1157 (RM189)

Code:HK-1162 (RM210)